How to Make Virgin Credit Card Payment and Virgin Money Credit Card Minimum Payment

Virgin Credit Card Payment and Virgin Money Credit Card Minimum Payment

We all know the number of credit card holders is increasing every single day. The simple reason is the convenience we get using credit cards. Definitely, you have to be smart to use credit cards. A smart way to use a credit card can be a boon for our daily use. Virgin Money Credit Cards offers a host of benefits, offers & features to cater to your needs. Moreover, you will learn different ways of Virgin Credit Card Payment and Virgin Money Credit Card Minimum Payment.

Virgin Money offers a lot of benefits to its customers for spending money on credit cards. Some common categories on which the banks offer various benefits are Lifestyle, shopping, dining, travel, entertainment, etc. Customers can earn rewards when they use their credit card to make payments for utility bills, shopping, etc. In addition, Virgin Money collaborates with brands, merchants & offer customers amazing discounts & special deals. Moreover, rewards are like cashback, discounts, free tickets, vouchers & gift cards, etc.

Virgin Money Credit Card Statement

Bank has a Virgin Credit Card Login. Once you click, it will take you to the login page as shown in the below image:

Virgin Credit Card Payment

Furthermore, to improve your credit score and to enjoy a low rate of interest you should pay your credit card dues on time. To make this process easier, the Virgin Credit offers different ways to pay dues. Click on the below link to find out different ways for Virgin Credit Card Payment.

Ways of Payment- These are the major ways Pay Virgin Credit Card Bill Online and offline.

  • Mobile Banking
  • AutoPay
  • BPay
  • Net Banking
  • Automated Phone Service
  • Mail
  • In-Person

Virgin Money offers different ways to make credit card payments. They are both offline and online. Let’s go through all the options offered by the bank.

Virgin Money Credit Card Minimum Payment through Mobile Banking

Virgin Money’s official mobile banking application is the easiest way to pay credit card bills. They have both Andriod and I tunes mobile applications. It’s very easy to use the mobile application as through the home page you have to click on the credit card to avail all the features of Credit card mobile banking like check Virgin Money Credit Card Statement, bill payment, unbilled transactions. Not only this you can even transfer balances and convert the transactions to EMI. Not only this you can even transfer balances and convert the transactions to EMI. Here are the links to download the apps:

Android Play Store App: Virgin Money App 

Apple I Tunes Play Store App: Virgin Money App 

Virgin Credit Card Payment through Net Banking

To avail of this facility, the customer has to be registered with the Virgin Money Net Banking facility. You can make the payment from your savings or current account online at ease. Click here to reach for the net banking page as shown in below image:

After submitting your details you can access the credit card net banking option. After reaching the credit card section, you can avail of all the features. You can check statements, pay the bill, check unbilled amounts, etc.

Virgin Money Credit Card Minimum Payment through Direct Debit

Customers should pay credit card dues on time. To make this process easier, the Virgin Credit Card offers an AutoPay option. In this option, you authorize Virgin Money to automatically debit your bank account with Amount Due to your monthly Credit Card bill. You have the option to edit, suspend, or temporarily stop the Direct Debit. To set this up download the ‘Direct Debit Auto Pay application form‘ and fax it on 1300 794 785 or send it by post at:

Virgin Money, Reply Paid GPO Box 40,
Sydney NSW 2001.

You have other option also, just fill in this form and scan and upload by logging on to Virgin Money Online. After login to online banking, go to services > Card Services > Document Upload. In this way, you can start an auto-debit option through online banking.

Payment via BPAY

Virgin Credit Card has offered another option to pay credit card bills on time online. You can pay your bill online from your own bank account. Find below the biller code as per the cards.

  • Biller name: Virgin Money Credit Card
  • Biller code: 49551
  • Reference number: Your Virgin Money Credit Card number

Make sure you make payment before 3 days of Due date. As it takes 3 business days to complete the procedure and in amount realization.

Virgin Credit Card Payment Offline

Automated Phone Service

You can make the payment from anywhere on Phone by just dialing 1300 13 37 39. Just follow the IVR instructions carefully. You can make payment by any card.

By Mail

If you wish to make payment by money order or check you can easily mail them at the below address. Please make sure you include your name and full account number on your check or money order. Please do not send cash on the below address.

Virgin Money
GPO Box 4299
Sydney 2001

Pay Bill in Person

You can visit any Australia Post office to make payment. Moreover, you have to carry either cash or Check along with the latest card statement. or payments at Australia Post. It can take up to 7 business days for the cheque to clear. Card Members who receive online statements are ineligible to pay their bills in person.

Also, here is some Virgin Credit Card Information

Australia: 13 37 39 –  24 hours a day. 7 days a week 

Overseas: +61 2 8288 2222 24 hours a day. 7 days a week

Virgin Money Website: Bank Website

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