Abacus Bank First Time Home Buyer Loan Application and Payment- Guidelines in Detail

Excited to buy your first house and looking for some great bank loans for your first home? Abacus bank home loan is just the option you must explore. Firstly, you need to be an ABACUS banking customer to be able to access online banking and your loan account as well. To log in to their net banking, you can check Abacus bank home loan login details. Abacus bank home loan payment and application have been explained in detail below.

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Here is the detailed guideline of how you can apply for the loan online and make online payments for the same.

Abacus Bank Home Loan Application

Applying for an Abacus bank home loan is really simple. Click on the link below, which will redirect you to the ‘First Time Home Buyer Easy Banking Service’ page as shown below.

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This page will give you all information regarding first-time homebuyer loans and have the contact details of their loan officer, who will help you further availing the loan.

Abacus bank home loan

You can also reach out to their Loan customer service using the contacts given on the page below.

Abacus bank home loan payment

Abacus Bank Online Loan Payment

Abacus bank offers you the luxury to pay off your loan by several payment methods. Abacus bank home loan payment can be made by cash, check, cahier’s check, or money order. But the most convenient method of loan payment is through the Bank’s Automatic Debit Program.

Automatic Debit Program

To remember, loan payment monthly is a tedious task, as you can always forget to make timely payments, which is why the auto-debit program of Abacus bank is a great way to make sure you do not end up with late payment. The bank will automatically charge you for the monthly loan on a date chosen by you. You will be relieved from the burden of remembering the loan payment date. Make sure that your account has enough balance to be deducted for a loan payment, or else the payment will fail, and you will be intimated.

If you are making loan payments from another bank, then the account type must be a checking account. Again the account needs to have sufficient funds on the date of payment deduction, or else the depositary bank will charge a fee. Also, you will have to pay a late payment fee to Abacus bank. Abacus bank will not try repeated deductions from depositary banks to avoid any further charges. You need to mail the payment with a late fee in that case before the grace period expires.

If you are willing to enroll in the auto-debit program in Abacus bank, here is the link attached to the form where you authorize the same.

If you need to make any other payment such as late charges, late payments, and escrow deficiency, directly send it to the

Abacus Federal Savings Bank

Loan Servicing Department

6-8 Bowery FL3

New York, NY 10013

Please also indicate clearly the purpose of the payment.

Importance of Timely Payment

If you make timely loan payments, you build a strong credit record, which is helpful when you need to retake a loan. People with good credit scores can get loans at a lower interest rate, and banks readily agree to approve loans for such account holders. Even if you make a few late payments, your credit rating may drop drastically, causing penalties and interest charges.

Abacus Bank Mobile Banking:

You can also do all the above through their mobile app. As you register for their online banking from the internet and mobile banking registration form, you also get registered to access their mobile banking.

If you are looking to access their mobile banking, here is the relevant link:

Mobile Banking
Abacus bank home loan payment

Abacus Mobile Apps:

You can use your mobile browser to log on to Abacus Bank online banking. But the easier way is to download their app, which will speed up the entire process. Here are the mobile app download links for different operating platforms.

Android Play Store Abacus Internet Banking Login | Abacus Online Banking Apps:

Abacus Android Banking App: Banking App

Apple iTunes Play Store Abacus Online Banking | Abacus Internet Banking Login Apps:

Abacus iOS Banking App: Banking App

Abacus Internet Banking Information

Branch Locations: Branch Locator

ATM Locations: ATM Locator

Abacus Website: Bank Website
Customer Care Number: 1-212-285-4770 press 4 then press 1 (Mon-Fri: 8:30AM-4:00PM, Sat and Sun: 9:30AM-3:00PM)

Abacus First Time Home Buyer Loan Contact Information

Abacus Loan Officer Contact- (212) 285-4770

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