Allied Irish Bank Personal Loan Application and Payment- Guidelines in Detail

The uncertainties in life may bring you to a phase where applying for a personal loan does not remain a choice. In such a scenario, you would like to look for a bank that offers you a personal loan at a nominal interest rate. AIB Bank offers a personal loan is designed to support its customers in need. Further, the bank offers you the ease of AIB personal loan application and payment through internet banking, as explained here.

To apply for a personal loan, you need first to hold an account with the bank. Before you can apply for a loan, the bank has put up a condition. The customer should be able to access their account through online banking.

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Here is the detailed guideline of how you can apply for a personal loan, log in to the loan account, and also make online payments for the same.

AIB Bank Personal Loan Application

AIB bank makes opting for a personal loan really easy. You need to log in to your online banking account by clicking on the link above, which will take you to the homepage as shown below.

AIB personal loan payment

Select Login from top right corner of the page and select ‘Online Banking’ that will redirect you to the personal banking login page as shown below.

AIB personal loan payment

Click on ‘Online Banking Login’ and enter your login credentials in the form that will appear on the login page. This will let you access your loan details interlinked with your internet banking account.

As you can access your Net Banking, the next step is to click on the ‘Apply’ button you can find on the top of the screen. Then select Personal Loan and fill up your details in the form before you submit it. You will receive a call back from their team at your suitable time. Discuss your personal loan requirements with the loan personnel to get further information.

Remember, you can apply for a personal loan only if you hold an account with the bank for a minimum of six months or more and are registered users for their phone as well as Internet Banking. You can also opt for a Personal Loan Top-up through internet banking.

AIB Bank Online Loan Payment

AIB offers several methods through which you can pay off your loan. They encourage payment through net banking, which is why it is mandatory to register for their internet banking before your loan is approved. The easiest way is through their online banking. You need to log in to your personal account, as discussed above, to pay off your monthly loan. If you find it hard to stick to the loan payment dates, you can always opt for an auto loan debit option from your bank account. Just make sure you have enough balance for the loan amount to get deducted from your savings account.

Dealing with Late Payments

If you have missed making any AIB personal loan payment, then you may be charged additional interest. Further, your credit score will go down, which will affect your ability to get future loans at a low-interest rate.

AIB bank offers support in such a scenario. Hence, contact their team at the number mentioned below to help you make your loan payment more manageable.

Talk to AIB Bank personnel about your missed personal loan payments- 0345 600 5925

AIB Internet Banking Information

Branch Locations: Branch Locator
AIB Website: Bank Website
Customer Care Number: +44 (0)345 600 5204

AIB Personal Loan Contact Information

AIB Bank personnel for missed personal loan payments- 0345 600 5925

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