How to Make Guaranty Trust Bank Credit Card Payment, and Pay GT Bank Credit Card Bill Online

Credit cards are a popular payment method nowadays, especially during the pandemic when paying by cash is not a wise choice. GTBank offers its customers a variety of credit cards to choose from based on their preferences. The option of credit card payment through online banking is also one of the reasons why it is highly popular with its customers.

The bank itself offers so many credit card debt payment options that you will never miss any payments hereafter.

Find out different ways for GTbank Credit card Payment below.

GTBank Credit Card Payment Online

GTBank Credit Card Payment through Net Banking

Use net banking not just to access your savings account information. If you apply for a GTBank credit card and are registered for online banking services, you can also use your online account to use credit cards to make payments, check the card information such as minimum amount to be paid, unbilled amount, etc. You can also make credit card bill payments directly through online banking.

On the credit card page, click on the Personal tab from the top menu. The following page will open with information about their net banking services.

Click on the Visit Online GTBank which will open a pop-up login window as shown below.

GTbank credit card payment

Fill in the required credentials on the login page, which will be verified, and you will be able to access all your online banking information, including the credit card details, and also make payments through there.

Once you are through, you will find your credit card linked to the account. Directly download your statement, check the unbilled amount till now and also make the credit card payment.

If you have not yet registered for online and mobile access to your banking account, then you can easily do it using the following steps.

Click here to access GTBank online and mobile banking registration

GTbank credit card payment

Fill in all the details in the registration form shown above and submit, which will take you through the process of online banking registration. Once you are registered for net banking, you can access your banking details and the credit card linked to the account via the online browser or mobile app.

GTBank Credit Card Payment through Mobile Banking

GTBank bank allows you to bank through their mobile app both on Android, iOS platforms and also on Huwaei devices. Check out your savings account detail and credit card statements, unbilled amounts and make credit card debt payments through the well-optimized mobile app conveniently. This means you can access your banking information with the help of your smartphone securely and hassle-free.

Below are the links you can use to download their app.

Android Play Store GTBank Internet Banking Login | GTBank Online Banking Apps:

GTBank Android Banking App: Banking App

Apple iTunes Play Store GTBank Online Banking | GTBank Internet Banking Login Apps:

GTBank Bank iOS Banking App: Banking App

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GTBank Bank Website: Bank Website